Sharp UP800 Information

Sharp UP800 Advanced technology serves up a higher level of performance.  Enhanced software features combined with a new innovative touch screen and interchangeable keyboard are designed to increase speed of service when entering transactions.  A 6.5” backlit LCD color display makes it easy for servers to verify items, prices and order data.  Employees can utilize the keyboard of the advanced PLUS Touch Screen to enter data, allowing for fast order entry and improved service.  With integrated easy-to-use software and flexible configuration options, any of the models in the UP-800 Series can easily grow your business needs evolve.

  • Multiple printer and keyboard styles that fit your business needs
  • Color LCD touch panel
  • High speed Ethernet LAN communications
  • Back office software
  • Credit, debit, gift card and EBT processing
  • Tray subtotal
  • Split pay
  • Kitchen printer and video (UP820F model only)